Your website needs to do more for your visitors, or they will go to a competitor.

You've heard all the marketing bullshit before, so we won't blow smoke up your ass about awards or any process we use in defining your marketing solution.

When designers or marketing agencies use identical messaging tactics it showcases that they aren't any different than the firm you're probably already using.

If they can't do anything different, and aren't able to make a lasting impression, why would you think they can help you elevate your brand, increase your website's positioning, or increase business for you?

We've done a lot of great shit over the last 30 years, but our past client success doesn't solve your unique branding and marketing challenges today.

At best, our experience helps to uncover and inform key strategies and tactical approaches that will set you apart, and be used in your custom solution.

If you are looking for a cheap cookie-cutter solution, or want us to mimic a brand strategy or design approach based on something you've seen, or worse, a competitor, then we are not the right fit for you.

We'll gladly work for your competition, do it properly, and kick your marketing ass. Keep that in mind.

We don't take short cuts developing client strategy, and are methodical in our tactical approach to solving marketing problems. In case you have not figured it out yet, we also don't pander to prospects to win their business. We also don't make excuses, or try and shirk our client responsibilities.

Integrity and morals in business? Imagine that.

Forbes research reported in 2023 that 43% of small businesses are planning to invest in the effectiveness and performance of their website in 2024.

With 93% of global website traffic coming from Google, it's not hard to understand why your website needs to rank high to attract the right audience for your business, but 47% of users won't wait longer than 2 seconds for a webpage to load, so if your site is not optimized for mobile and does not allow your users to find what they are looking for in under 6 seconds, 61% said that they'll go to another site.

Adding insult to injury, new web visitors start to form trust-based opinions about your company and its offerings within the first 0.05 seconds. This near instantaneous assessment is triggered by our brain's amygdala which is the foundation for our survival instincts.

Online business is savage when first impressions matter and you have to deliver a trust-based experience in under 6 seconds before you lose a prospect's interest. Maybe ours makes your sphincter tighten, and that's ok. You may not hire us, but you probably won't forget us, and that's one of the biggest goals in marketing. Stand out.

You might not want to talk with us about your project, but you sure as hell don't want your competition to.

Marketing is f*cking difficult.

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Buckle up, it's a bumpy road!

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